Laparoscopy and mobile endoscopy service

LAPAROENDOVET is a company of veterinary professionals specialized in diagnostic and surgical endoscopy techniques. It was created for the purpose so that all veterinary centres can implement minimally invasive procedures into the portfolio of services offered to their clients. The collaboration between veterinarians through this concept allows them to offer their patients the latest medical technology, benefit from the advantages of minimal invasion, retain loyal customers and provide their clients with the quality treatment they deserve.

We travel to clinics to perform interventions such as endoscopy, laparoscopy, thoracoscopy or other services at the request of the clinic. We also assist veterinary centres with the development of these techniques; offering advice during the learning curve to optimize the results and get the best out of their resources invested. 

As well, pet owners are free to contact us at any time to learn about the advantages of the minimal invasion and receive advice on what is best for each particular case.


Veterinary surgeon of minimal invasion

Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Chile in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) in 2008. Completing in 2010, the Official Master’s Degree – Applied Clinical Research in Health Sciences, by the UAB. In 2013, he obtained the Own Title of Specialist in Endoscopy and Minimally Invasive Surgery in Small Animals by the University of Extremadura.

Developing his doctoral thesis at the ”Jesús Usón” Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre (JUMISC) on the first veterinary laparoscopic simulator and its application during laparoscopic training veterinarians, earning the title of Doctor of Veterinary Animal Health with maximum distention of “Cum Laude” by the UAB in 2015.

During the doctoral period he has participated in veterinary congresses and various stays in research centres such as universities in Spain, the United Kingdom and Latin America as part of his continuing education. In 2015, he was also accredited in Soft Tissue Surgery in small animals by the Association of Spanish Veterinarians Specializing in Small Animals (AVEPA).

He has taught and organized numerous theoretical and practical courses in the area of ​​minimally invasive surgery organized by JUMISC, and is also part of the teaching staff of the Annual Course of Laparoscopic and Thoracoscopic Veterinary Surgery of the JUMISC. He has collaborated in different research projects, publishing numerous scientific articles in both national and international journals and attended various veterinary surgery courses.

Since 2015, he has worked at the International Veterinary Hospital and Royal Animal Hospital in Kuwait as part of the surgery service. In 2017-2018 he worked in a mobile endoscopy service within Catalonia. He continues to travel throughout Spain and different countries of the world, collaborating the services of endoscopy and minimally invasive surgery with hospitals of recognized prestige.

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